Our Corporate Mantra

if it beeps and flashes we can take care of it for you

Our mission is to provide a service like no other to our customers. We will be your VIRTUAL “in-house” IT Guys acting like we are on staff, but at a fraction of the cost. Australian skilled team members’ will endeavour to understand you and your business allowing them to anticipate your IT needs and proactively address any problems before they surface.


ITG comprises of not only skilled and professional people, but also a co-operative band of focused businesses that we work with very closely. This new business model helps us help you better by allowing you to deal directly with the person addressing your issue. No middle men or re-billing – just you and the person helping you.


We poor our hearts into what we do because IT is what we love doing. No need to be wasting your valuable money-making time on fighting with your tech or trying to develop the skills to fix it or figure it out yourself. Leave the tech to us because it is what we do best.


Having your very own IT guy is quite costly. There’s the wages, holidays, sick days, superannuation and much more to fork out for. When you aren’t big enough to afford your very own IT person but have too many problems cropping up that are costing you a premium with the local IT firm then we are truly your answer. Your own IT Guy without the overheads or wasted office space!

What we Offer is Simple

Printers & Supplies

Need a printer to handle your office needs? Need toner or ink?


We have both onsite and offsite options for you. We can supply new connections, hardlines, VOIP services and even access to call centres for you.

Personal Shopping

Don’t have time to go out an wade through the sales hype for new tech? Want to get the best bang for your buck? We can help you!

your office

Either your physical office or your virtual one – we can facilitate your IT needs and wants.

Hosting, Web Design & SEO

Need a new website? Somewhere to put it? Want it on the first page of GOOGLE? We have it all!A fancy term for web advertising and getting known in the digital world. In today’s tap happy society you need this more than your profit margins realise.


Need an app for your business? Give us a call. We have a wide variety of iPhone and Android options to suit your needs.

Internet Connections

Need a new broadband or fibre internet connection? Paying too much for your current provider and getting crappy speed or download limits? Call us!

Lifestyle Tech

Want new toys? No time to check out the new tech on the scene? We can help you with that. Allow us to be your geek on call.

Printed Material

Need printing, desktop publishing or marketing material done for you?

Ultra Responsive

Techs, Agents & Helpdesk

Concierge Plans

Our premier concierge service has 4 amazing levels for both personal and business customers.

Copper TAP Plan
$24.95 /Month
  • 1 User
  • 1 Device
  • Helpdesk
Silver TAP Plan
$39.95 /Month
  • 1 User
  • 1 Computer + 1 Device
  • Helpdesk
  • Remote Support (as needed)
Gold TAP Plan
$55 /Month
  • 1 User
  • 1 Computer + 1 Device
  • Helpdesk
  • Remote Support (active)
  • System Upkeep & Monitoring
  • Monthly Reports
Platinum TAP Plan
$99 /Month
  • 1 User
  • 2 Computers + 1 Device
  • Helpdesk
  • Remote Support (active)
  • System Upkeep & Monitoring
  • Personal Shopping (tech)
  • You pay what we pay (no extra fees)

Don’t let your tech get you down

-if it beeps or flashes we can take care of it for you- -no more having to spend hours a day at the mercy of your technology- -free yourself to do what you do best and leave the tech to us- -you will have more time… and time is money- IT Guy on TAP is a full service ICT operation with a very simple drive….

hassle free technology

(“ICT” stands for Information & Communications Technology)

Need a New connection? Sick of paying too much?

ADSL Connections

FIBRE Connections

Mobile Broadband

Mobile Phone

Contact us

Get in touch with us in a moment. Call our 1300 number, drop us an email or even send us a messenger pigeon! We are available.

  1300 55 44 53


  Redbank Plains, QLD, 4301